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Aquatic Weed Control

LAPR provides chemical, biological, and mechanical aquatic weed control services throughout Florida and south Georgia.  We believe in using the most environmentally friendly methods and therefore, do not use any copper-based products. Call 352-595-8863 to schedule an appointment to meet with the owner, Doug Charles, personally.  Consultation and quotes are free of charge.


Triploid Grass Carp Farm

We own and operate our own Triploid Grass carp farm in Marion County, FL.  Charles Aquaculture, LLC has carp ready for pickup or delivery any day of the week.  Grass carp are a non-native Asian weed eating fish that  are highly regulated, but greatly assist in our aquatic weed control program .  A permit is required by the FWC and can be acquired on their website.  LAPR can assist with this process and fabricate barriers to meet FWC requirements.

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Fountains and Aeration systems

LAPR  installs, maintains, and repairs floating fountains and aeration systems. Moving water in lakes and ponds is beneficial to the aquatic environment.  

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